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The Harmony Interviews: Episode 1

As we've mentioned before, this term is particularly special for us because it culminates in our 10th birthday. We can't believe that this will be the 10th anniversary of our first ever concert!

So we thought we would celebrate (along with weekly rehearsal cake and a Holst-fest for a concert) by taking a look at some of our long-standing members - not to mention our fabulous founder and MD! - and ask them what makes Harmony Sinfonia so special.

First up, welcome Sharon Moloney, who has been with Harmony Sinfonia since the very start.

1. What instrument do you play with Harmony Sinfonia?

Usually flute, sometimes percussion, and I did once play the saxophone.....

2. And what is your day job?

I work for Making Music supporting other amateur music groups across the UK, and I also work as a woodwind teacher. 3. Do you have another role within the orchestra? Tell us about it!

I'm currently the chair, which is both a challenging and rewarding role! I basically keep an eye on what everyone else is doing, jumping in to help when necessary, and facilitate the meetings of the trustees. 4. How long have you been playing with Harmony Sinfonia?

Ever since it was founded in 2009. 5. Do you play any other instruments with other groups?

Yes, I play flute with Belvedere Concert Band, Bromley Symphony Orchestra and my wind quartet Licence to Trill. I play percussion for London Medical Orchestra and Sevenoaks & Tonbridge Concert Band, and I am the musical director of Opal Flutes. 6. Why is music important to you?

I've always been moved by music - when I hear something really good I get goosebumps. I love the feeling that comes from being in the middle of an orchestra making the most tremendous sound - as a flute player you are always in the middle, and as a percussionist you can really drive the sound! - and I also love the focus it gives me, it's a great way to relieve my brain from all the other pressures of life because there is no room to think about anything else. 7. What are your favourite pieces ever played with Harmony Sinfonia?

Two years ago I was the soloist in Chaminade's flute concertino so I guess I have to pick that..... but I also really enjoyed Shostakovich 12. 8. What's been your favourite rehearsal "moment" with Harmony Sinfonia?

On one occasion I had to take a full rehearsal at an hour's notice and the scores were not at the rehearsal - fortunately I knew the works being rehearsed very well so I was able to work from memory, but it was definitely a challenge and the feeling of achievement at the end of it was massive! 9. And your favourite concert moment?

Our very first concert in November 2009 - knowing that the orchestra was off the ground and on its way. 10. How would you say that Harmony Sinfonia has developed since you've been there?

I've seen a lot of changes - we've tried several concert venues over the years and I think we have finally found one that works for us. It's nice to feel that we are settled into a 'home' now. 11. What do you like the most about playing with Harmony Sinfonia?

The camaraderie and team spirit, particularly with my fabulous flute section colleagues who are fun to work with - we have a great musical rapport.


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