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The Harmony Interviews: Episode 4

We are back after a refreshing half-term break and getting ever closer to our 10th birthday concert on Saturday 23rd November in which we get to play The Planets!

Next up in our blog series of interviews with Harmony Sinfonia members we have Isobel, another of the pioneers from the very beginning of the orchestra.

What instrument do you play with Harmony Sinfonia?

Oboe and cor anglais

And what is your day job?

I'm a TV producer but I'm also training to be a psychotherapist

Do you have another role within the orchestra?

I was Treasurer for 9 years and I'm still on the committee but I've taken a step back because of my therapy training

How long have you been playing with Harmony Sinfonia?

I was one of the orchestra's founder members so I've been there from the start.

Do you play any other instruments with other groups?

Yes, I don't play other instruments but I play a lot - I'm principal oboe with Whitehall Orchestra and I play with opera groups and in scratch orchestras 

Why is music important to you?

I feel so lucky to be able to play an instrument well enough to be in an orchestra.  It's a proper privilege.  Making music is such a creative buzz.

What are your favourite pieces ever played with Harmony Sinfonia?

I especially loved playing the Steppes of Central Asia because of the lovely cor anglais solo in it.  Yes, it's all about me... 

What's been your favourite rehearsal "moment" with Harmony Sinfonia?  

All the best rehearsal moments involve our cello section being awesome in some way.  But sometimes Emma does something amazing on the piccolo which makes everyone go 'boom!' 

And your favourite concert moment?

That would have to be when we knocked Shostakovich 12 out of the park How would you say that Harmony Sinfonia has developed since you've been there?

Well we now have an awesome Assistant Conductor who brings cake... 

What do you like the most about playing with Harmony Sinfonia?

It's the friendliest orchestra in London plus we play the best repertoire.  By a mile.  

What's been your favourite venue and why?

Our current place, St Margaret's in Blackheath.  It's warm and the toilets are spotless.  The acoustic isn't bad either

What is your overall favourite Harmony Sinfonia memory?

When Dinara Klinton played the Grieg piano concerto with us my dad said 'it was like hearing it for the first time'.  Top that. And most importantly of all... how do you rate the biscuits?!

11/10 for chocolateyness


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