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The Harmony Interviews: Episode 5

Continuing our series for this term of interviews with some of our members, we have cellist Susanne Buck under the spotlight!

What instrument do you play with Harmony Sinfonia?

I play Cello

And what is your day job?

I'm an Experience Design consultant. I help museums and other cultural organisations to either create better, more meaningful experiences for their visitors; or evaluate what they do already so they can learn and improve. I'm freelance so no two days are the same. One day I'll be interviewing the skaters at Southbank, and the next running a workshop with Oxford researchers.

Do you have another role within the orchestra?

I agreed to be in charge of milk and biscuits a couple of years ago, thinking that would be an easy job, but it turned out the role came with a position on the board of trustees. I find it hard to say no so now I'm also on the marketing committee.

How long have you been playing with Harmony Sinfonia?

I think it's five years, I remember there being a cake soon after I joined. 

Why is music important to you?

A few years ago I was in charge of education at a museum about popular music (it was in The O2 but it closed down and moved to Liverpool) and I witnessed grown adults cry over footage of David Bowie. I was also a trustee for Greenwich Music Education Hub and heard some of the amazing things that kids can do with a little encouragement. When I left I decided to dust off my cello and join an orchestra. 

What are your favourite pieces ever played with Harmony Sinfonia?

Well I've heard a rumour that next term we'll be doing Elgar's Cello Concerto so I'm holding out for that! But if that doesn't happen it would have to be the bizarre but brilliant Shostakovich 5 

What's been your favourite rehearsal "moment" with Harmony Sinfonia?

I enjoyed the Russian jokes when we were rehearsing Shostakovich 5 

And your favourite concert moment?

I got to sit next to the Harpist last term, and she was amazing. 

How would you say that Harmony Sinfonia has developed since you've been there? 

Better biscuits. 

What's been your favourite venue and why?

Well I liked St Katherine's because it was so close to my house, but St Margaret's is definitely warmer, and just far away enough to justify an uber home.  

And most importantly of all... how do you rate the biscuits?!

I don't think I should be allowed to answer that question!


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